DarJa is a multi-skilled, Finnish businesswoman who has been venturing into many different areas during her career. This artist site focuses on her musical side.

Hard working and open minded artist DarJa is s not only a producer, but also a songwriter who develops ideas with piano in her song factory, and likes to collaborate with other people in the music industry.

The first single released and also the first music video was abroad with Alida DukaDarJas progress in her career has been quite unusual for a Finnish artist, as she has first become known for her music in the Balkan region.

Darja has worked closely with LiL G Thug, a talented songwriter, and has been making music since 2002. She has performed in Albania and her music has been cast as a hit, especially in the Balkans (television shows and interviews: TV Klan, Top Channel). They have created together many songs, including the rap-ballad Where Are You Now, which has captured hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube alone.

She has also collaborated with the television company BBF and Max Production. In addition to Finnish media, DarJa has been interviewed, among others, in the 10 million viewers Agon Channel (2015) as well as in Albanian newspapers (Arkiva News, Interview, Gazeta Max) etc. RTV, the largest television company in Germany, made an article of DarJa in 2017.

New production is coming during spring 2019.